We have moved!

We are excited to announce that we have joined up with JumpOffCampus to provide a new housing solution for both students and landlords. During this transition period landlords will not be able to create new listings, however their current listings will remain available for students to view. Should you wish to add a new listing or move to the new system now, you can visit the new site below.

Visit new site


Guide to Offcampus Living

The RPI off campus commons office provides a Guide to Living Off-Campus, including policies and procedures about handling landlord violations, legal matters, and some suggestions on choosing the right apartment for you. This guide can be found on the associate dean of off campus commons website.


OffcampusLiving.org provides housing guidance, safe living advice, informative videos, and useful links. The information is targeted towards housing seekers in Western New York, although many of its resources are also applicable to the RPI Community.

Click Here to Visit OffcampusLiving.org

Note: OffcampusLiving.org is not a service provided by RPI, the Student Union, or any affiliated organization. This link is provided for informational purposes only. RPI holds no responsibility for the content, opinions, and views expressed by OffcampusLiving.org

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